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2-3.  Health  [ Achieving MDGs-- Economic and Social dimension of human security ]

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2-3-3.Measures against infectious diseases

Yokohama Action Plan Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners Implementing
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions (Summary)
[3]Support efforts to achieve the target of reducing by 50 % TB prevalence and mortality rates by 2015 relative to 1990 levels, including through prevention, testing, and treatment activities under Direct Observation Treatment, Short-course (DOTS). ●Strengthen the community-TB DOTS system by MOH
●Improve the therapeutic performance of TB treatment of HIV/AIDS co-infected patients in the target areas by implementing effective community-TB DOTS.)
JICA/GFATM/AMDA Multisectral & Integrated Development Services (i) Increase success rate of TB treatment among HIV/AIDS co-infected patients through DOTS strategy by 10% in the targe areas (base: 88.9% in Feb. 2006)
(ii) Increase cure rate of TB treatment among newly registered smear positive patients to more than 85% in the target areas (base: 48.4% in Feb. 2006)
(about USD 600,000 for June 2008 - Oct. 2010)

●Concrete projects will be selected through consultations between Japan/Implementing Partners and African countries.
●MDB projects are to be decided.
●$ = US dollars
●Assistance measures written on a yellow ground are those embodied in 2008 (JFY) after TICAD IV.
●Assistance measures written on a pink ground are those embodied in 2009 (JFY) after TICAD IV.

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