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Japan-U.S. Extended Deterrence Dialogue

December 12, 2016

1. The Government of Japan and the Government of the United States will hold a bilateral Extended Deterrence Dialogue from December 12 to 13 in Honolulu. The Japanese side is represented by Mr. Keiichi Ono, Deputy Director-General, North American Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Masami Oka, Deputy Director-General, Defense Policy Bureau, Ministry of Defense and the U.S. side by Mr. Wade Boese, Director of the Office of Strategic Stability and Deterrence Affairs, Department of State and Ms. Elaine Bunn, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Nuclear and Missile Defense Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense.

2. The Extended Deterrence Dialogue provides an opportunity for the two governments to frankly exchange views on how to secure alliance deterrence as part of their security and defense cooperation. Through this dialogue, the Government of Japan, a recipient of U.S. extended deterrence, can deepen understanding on its mechanism and coordinate its security policy with the U.S. government.

3. The two governments have long been discussing deterrence issues in various fora, and this Extended Deterrence Dialogue has been held on a regular basis since 2010.

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