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Cooperation by the Government of Japan toward the Elimination of Syria’s Chemical Weapons

November 19, 2013

1. In line with a September decision by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and a related resolution by the United Nations Security Council, an international effort is currently underway toward the elimination of chemical weapons of the Syrian Arab Republic. On November 16 (November 15 local time) the OPCW decided on a plan for elimination, and as a result of that, from now on the chemical weapons will be transported out of the Syrian Arab Republic and the process of destruction will move ahead.

2. The Government of Japan would like to make as much cooperation and contribution as possible to the international community’s efforts to eliminate chemical weapons of the Syrian Arab Republic. This cooperation has a significance in stability in the Middle East region, contribution to efforts by the international community to eliminate chemical weapons, a category of weapons of mass destruction, and issuing a strong message of the international community that it never tolerate the possession or use of chemical weapons.

3. As one part of that cooperation the Government of Japan today notified the OPCW that it is prepared to dispatch three Japan Ground Self-Defense Force personnel who have practical experience as inspectors in the OPCW. The Government of Japan hopes that as a result of this notification the OPCW will hire the three personnel in the future.

4. The Government of Japan intends to continue to watch the future situation closely, and will continue to explore measures to support the international community’s efforts to eliminate and inspect the chemical weapons of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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