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Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs on the Joint Statement on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons

October 22, 2013

1.New Zealand, on behalf of 117 countries, including Japan, issued the Joint Statement (PDF)PDF on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons at the United Nations General Assembly First Committee at around 6:20am on October 22, (5:20pm October 21 local time).

2.This statement was inspired from humanity’s aspirations with regard to nuclear weapons, and demonstrates political will concerning this matter. The Government of Japan has decided to join the statement, based on the fact that the content was revised so the intent of the statement overall is consistent with both the security policy and nuclear disarmament approach of Japan.
In particular, this statement explains that the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons have deep implications for human survival, for our environment for socio-economic development, for our economies, and for the health of future generations, and it expresses the firm belief that awareness of the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons must underpin all approaches and efforts towards nuclear disarmament. The Government of Japan supports this concept, as the only country to have ever suffered atomic bombings during the war and the country that most understands the tragedy of the use of nuclear weapons.

3.Going forward the Government of Japan will continue to play a leading role in efforts by the international community to realize “a world without nuclear weapons”, including through conveying the tragedy of nuclear weapon use across national boundaries and generations.


(* The foregoing is a provisional translation. The date indicated above denotes the date of issue of the original press release in Japanese.)
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