Assistance for UN Women “Delhi Safe City Free of Violence Against Women and Girls” Project (Japan-US Cooperation)

August 8, 2014

  1. 1. On August 4th, UN Women and the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations signed a document, in which Japan committed to donating the USD 350,000 to implement this project. 
    2. This project supports "Safe Cities Global Initiative," promoted by UN Women.  It is being implemented as a Japan-US development cooperation project in which the United States also is financing in coordination with Japan. 
    3. This project supports the Indian public authorities such as local governments, police agencies, and public services authorities through UN women with the aim of enabling women to be able to move about safely in cities. The project intends to contribute to develop the capacity to guarantee women's safety in public spaces, including public transportations. Also, it will strengthen the implementation capacities of policies and laws meant to prevent sexual harassments and sexual violence in public spaces. The project will use among others, IT tools such as mobile phones as part of its capacity building efforts.
    4. This project is mentioned on the "Fact Sheet: Japan-US Global and Regional Cooperation," which was issued when President Barack Obama visited Japan and met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in last April, and it is one of Japan-US cooperation on women's issues.  Japan and the United States have been strengthening cooperation in the field of development, including women's issues, and this project is a product as such.
    5. In particular,  the Abe Administration's vision, "Society in which all women shine," emphasizes on women's participation and protection in Peace and Security, within which abolishing violence against women is one of the indispensable elements. Through this project, it is expected that the collaboration with UN women and the cooperation with the United States will be strengthened in further in the area of women's issues. 
    6. Furthermore, in Delhi, India, the Government of Japan has been supporting the construction of the Delhi Metro by providing Japanese Yen Loans. This project implemented through UN Women can complement Japan's assistance to Delhi Metro in terms of enhancing women's safety. 
     [Reference] "Fact Sheet: U.S.-Japan Global and Regional Cooperation" (extract)
    Advancing Development around the World
    "The United States and Japan are actively engaged in promoting women's security and empowerment worldwide. In India, the United States and Japan are jointly supporting the UN Women Safe Cities Program in Delhi. The Delhi initiative is a part of the UN Women's "Safe Cities Free of Violence against Women" Global Program, which aims at preventing sexual violence in urban public spaces through strategic alliances with communities, service providers and safety officials while empowering women and girls."