Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2014
Stories from the field

Table of Contents

Stories from the field

  1. Giving people who missed out on an education a second chance – Promoting a “Non-formal Education” in Pakistan
  2. Building a dam to ensure a stable supply of water through community involvement – Grass-roots assistance for the construction of a sand dam in Makueni County, Kenya
  3. Dried fish business empowers women in Sri Lanka – Support for women struggling against poverty in a Sri Lankan fishing village
  4. Next-generation human resources fostered by Japanese-style management and business – The Myanmar-Japan Center for Human Resources Development
  5. A Japanese attempt to bring back an African wetland – Residents of Uganda place high hopes on a wetlands management project
  6. How the disaster management technology of Japan, a disaster-prone nation, saved 5,000 villagers from flooding – Japanese engineers struggle against natural dam collapsing in Indonesia
  7. The techniques and spirit of Japanese Judo contribute to the improvement of security in Afghanistan – Support for the training of the Afghan National Police in Turkey
  8. The construction of Southeast Asia’s longest raw water transfer tunnel to alleviate water shortage problems in Kuala Lumpur – How a Japanese general contractor successfully dug a tunnel under a Malaysian mountain range
  9. Japanese Kaizen Methods: Improving Quality, Improving Productivity – A Kaizen Promotion Project to Support the Manufacturing Sector in Ethiopia
  10. The Japanese abacus and the children of an island country – Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers teach the abacus in Tonga
  11. Helping IDPs to become self-reliant and get along with local residents in a land shaken by conflict – Cooperation by an NGO for the development of vegetable fields and wells in Sudan, Africa