Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2010

"Japan's International Cooperation"


  1. Column 1. Effective Aid Through Partnerships (PDF, 2.65MB)
    — Interview with Ms. Kiyoko Ikegami, Director ofUnited Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Tokyo Office —
  2. Column 2. Building Schools on African Soil (PDF, 3.01MB)
    — Assistance for the Construction of Primary Schools in Cameroon —
  3. Column 3. For Improvement of Nursing Standards (PDF, 2.91MB)
    — Expanded Cooperation for Nursing Education from El Salvador to Central American and Caribbean Countries —
  4. Column 4. Water is the Property of Everyone (PDF, 2.97MB)
    — Project to Improve the Water Environment in Pakistan —
  5. Column 5. Joining Hands to Promote Development (PDF, 3.00MB)
    — Interview with COP10 Honorary Ambassador MISIA —
  6. Column 6. Protecting Living Species and Teaching the Importance of the Environment (PDF, 2.92MB)
    — Cooperation for Environmental Education in Madagascar —
  7. Column 7. Protecting the Lifeline of Mongolia (PDF, 2.79MB)
    — Senior Volunteer Strives to Improve Thermal Power Plant —
  8. Column 8. Providing Opportunities for Education and Promoting Self-Empowerment (PDF, 2.99MB)
    — Support for Girl Household Employees in Bangladesh —
  9. Column 9. Appropriate Medical Care for Refugees (PDF, 3.03MB)
    — Refugee Assistance in Djibouti —
  10. Column 10. Not Giving Up is a Step to Success (PDF, 3.05MB)
    — Turkey: Cross-Bosphorus Tunnel —
  11. Column 11. Preserving World Heritages on the relation of Trust (PDF, 2.87MB)
    — Cooperation for the Preservation of Tikal Ruins in Guatemala —
  12. Column 12. Access to Information Across the Water (PDF, 3.09MB)
    — ICT Assistance for Oceania —
  13. Column 13. Exchanges Which Spread from Children to Communities (PDF, 3.05MB)
    — Support for Inter-Ethnic Exchanges in Macedonia —
  14. Column 14. Solidarity toward Self-Reliance (PDF, 2.94MB)
    — Japanese NGO Assistance for Haiti —
  15. Column 15. Public-Private Cooperation for Former ODA Recipient Country (PDF, 3.08MB)
    — Automobile Technical Training in Saudi Arabia —