Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2005

Main Text > Part II ODA DISBURSEMENTS IN FISCAL YEAR 2004 > Chapter 2 Details and New Policies about Japan's ODA: Striving for Further ODA Reforms > Section 5. Formulation and Implementation of ODA Policy > 3. Matters Essential to Effective Implementation > (4) Ensuring the Safety of ODA Personnel

(4) Ensuring the Safety of ODA Personnel

Japan currently provides assistance using ODA to over 160 countries and regions, and the public order in the developing countries where ODA personnel works varies considerably and changes constantly. Since the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2000, it has become a critical issue that how to safeguard ODA personnel around the world, with the increasing tensions in the Middle East and South Asia and global terrors, and in implementing peace-building assistance.

Specifically, the government examines the domestic security situations in the recipient country through Japanese embassies overseas and local offices, provides information concerning air and sea passage, and exchanges and shares information among people engaging in ODA. Meanwhile, JICA and JBIC take measures such as providing training and seminars for personnel before they leave Japan, ensuring communication means in emergency situations, deploying safety officers, and installing security equipment in the living quarters of ODA personnel. JICA also has ODA personnel involved in peace-building undergoing emergency training provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ), and takes other steps to improve the security maintenance skills of the staff. Furthermore, JICA prepares security manuals geared to the security conditions of the various countries and regions by exchanging information with Japanese embassies overseas and local UN offices, and implements other appropriate and timely security measures. JBIC takes similar measures in addition to providing information to Japanese companies that have won tenders in order to ensure their safety.