Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2005

Box II-2. Initiative for Disaster Reduction through ODA (Outline)

1. Objectives

- Respond appropriately to various natural disasters including tsunamis

- Sectoral assistance policy under the ODA Charter and the Medium-term Policy on ODA

- Country Assistance Plans as the vertical and sectoral assistance policy as the horizontal of aid policy

- Announced on the occasion of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction as the position of the Government of Japan including ODA-related ministries and agencies

2. Basic principles

- Disaster reduction is one of the most important preconditions for achieving poverty reduction and sustainable development

- Ninety percent of the death toll from natural disasters is concentrated in developing countries

- Attach importance on partnership that supports the self-help efforts of developing countries

3. Basic policies

(1) Raising the priority attached to disaster reduction

(2) Perspective of human security

(3) Gender perspective

(4) Importance of assistance regarding software

(5) Mobilization of Japan's experience, expertise, and technology

(6) Mobilization and dissemination of locally available and suitable technology

(7) Promoting partnerships with various stakeholders

4. Cooperation corresponding to each phase of disaster

(1) Integration of disaster prevention into development policies

a) Institution building that incorporates the perspectives of disaster prevention

b) Training of experts and developing capacity for disaster prevention

c) Raising awareness and building capacity of local communities on disaster reduction

(2) Rapid and appropriate assistance in the immediate aftermath of a disaster

a) Prompt and appropriate emergency assistance

b) Training of experts and transfer of expertise for emergency response

c) Food aid in response to food shortage caused by disasters

d) Coherent cooperation corresponding to each phase of disaster

(3) Cooperation that extends from reconstruction to sustainable development

a) Assistance for developing disaster-resilient economic and social infrastructure and architecture

b) Dissemination of disaster-resilient systems and technology

c) Provision of financial assistance necessary for reconstruction and development

5. Concrete measures

(1) Institution building

(2) Human resources development

(3) Development of economic and social infrastructure

(4) Assistance for the reconstruction of livelihoods

Note: Refer to Part 2, Chapter 3, "Main References Concerning ODA," for the full text of the Initiative for Disaster Reduction through ODA.