The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

Activities of ASEM

July 26, 2023

ASEM considers politics, economy, and culture & society as the three main pillars of its activities, as outlined below:

1. Political Pillar

The ASEM Summit Meeting is a unique forum where the leaders of the 53 member states/organizations have dialogues about issues of common interests to both regions to issue statements or declarations. The issues addressed, in the context of the prevailing international situation, vary from major regional affairs to security and the international order, including the United Nations. Recently, global issues such as terrorism, maritime security, energy security, disaster prevention and migration have featured prominently on the agenda. At ASEM, which is an informal grouping, members can freely exchange opinions even with regard to issues concerning basic values such as the democracy, human rights, rule of law and freedom of speech.

2. Economic Pillar

Focusing on globalization and sustainable development, ASEM members have discussed the development of a cooperative relationship between Asia and Europe in the areas of the economy and finance as well as the global challenges such as environmental problems, including climate change. ASEM has also promoted dialogue with the private sector, for example through close cooperation with the Asia Europe Business Forum (AEBF).

3. Cultural & Social Pillar

On the premise that deeper mutual understanding between Asia and Europe is fostered by the reinforcement of cultural ties, especially the promotion of grass-roots exchange, ASEM has supported activities in the areas of culture, the arts and education as well as exchanges of young people and students from both regions.

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