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January 8, 2023

The JAPAN HOUSE is an overseas hub established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to showcase and communicate Japan with the international community in 3 cities of the world as part of efforts to strengthen strategic global communication. Its purpose is to communicate the various attractions, policies, and efforts of Japan to a wide range of people including people who know very little about Japan, and to enlarge the base of the people who are interested and well-versed in Japan.

Features of the JAPAN HOUSE
Provides "one-stop service" where people can access various information on Japan.
Provides commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafes, shops, etc., which help to transmit information in all-Japan bases by proactively utilizing the commercial vibrancy and regional attractions.
Transmits information in a way to attract the compassion of the local people by utilizing the knowledge of experts.
  • (Photo 1) Sao Paulo
    Sao Paulo
  • (Photo 2) Los Angels
    Los Angels
  • (Photo 3) London

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