Public Diplomacy

July 11, 2017

MOFA actively communicates information on Japanese foreign policy as well as general information on Japan including its politics, economy, society and culture through its various policy measures. These measures include the implementation of lectures, written contributions and appearance on local media by the staff of Japanese embassies and consulates including ambassadors and consuls-general, the issuance of newsletter and other information bulletin in local languages, the conduct of various Japanese cultural events, invitation programs for foreign opinion leaders, reporters and TV crews, the dispatch of Japanese experts/knowledgeable persons abroad to give lectures or contribute as panelists, and the production of publications and audiovisual materials in multiple languages.

In the recent years, information technology has developed significantly. MOFA takes advantage of this development for better communication, employing video clips on Japanese foreign policy and social networking services (SNS), etc.

MOFA also conducts research and analysis on subjects such as perception toward Japan by other countries and their focus of interest in order to realize effective public relations.

In addition to above, under the "New Tourism Strategy to Invigorate the Japanese Economy" adopted by the Japanese government in March 2016, MOFA appeals "Japan as the favorite destination" based on the attractiveness of Japan to promote inbound tourism and to invite international conferences to Japan.

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