Specified Skilled Worker

Support for
foreign nationals
as residents
in Japan

The number of Japanese corporations recognizing the importance of globalization and diversity is increasing. They initiate approaches to create workplaces that enable foreign workers to work with gusto.

  • Promotion of smooth communication

  • Create livable local communities

  • Ensuring a proper work

  • Promotion of enrollment in social insurance programs

* The One-Stop Comprehensive Consultation Center for Multicultural Coexistence (tentative) is to be established to provide multilingual information and advice on administrative procedures and living, in 11 languages at about 100 locations nationwide.

Efforts aimed at
promoting the
proper and smooth
acceptance of
foreign human resources in Japan

● Eliminate malicious intermediary businesses (brokers), etc., thoroughly through the strengthening of cooperation among relevant organizations, and impose stricter entry examination criteria

● Improve the content of descriptions to be given in the residence applications to identify malicious intermediary businesses

● Prohibition of contracts that stipulate the collection of guarantee deposits or monetary penalties

● Provision of remunerations equivalent to or more than that of Japanese nationals

● Provision of support for securing housing, opening bank accounts, etc.

● Ensuring that the foreign national does not bear the expenses for the support

● Establishment of complaints desks and consultation services (e.g., in regard to acts that infringe upon human rights, labor conditions, changing jobs, general living or medical care)

● Changing workplace in the same job category can be permitted


As Japan welcomes foreign human resources in such ways, the institutional infrastructure in the local communities (e.g., municipal governments, corporations, educational institutions and medical facilities) supports Japan’s transition to a multicultural collaborative society.