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Would you like to bring your talent to life in Japan?
In April 2019, Japan established a new status of residence, "Specified Skilled Worker (SSW)", to welcome capable specialists from overseas countries to work in certain Japanese industrial fields, to function as workers ready to take on jobs without prior training. This page will introduce information for those that want to play an active role in Japan by making use of the expertise and skills they have cultivated so far.

12 Occupations Covered by SSW

You can work as a SSW in Japan in the following 12 fields.Of the following, the "Machine Parts and Tooling Industries," "Industrial Machinery Industry," and "Electric, Electronics and Information Industries" were merged into one field in May 2022.

Blossom! in Japan.

The following videos were produced by March 2022. After May 2022, there are 12 industrial fields.

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