September 26, 2022

Currently, all foreign nationals who wish to newly enter Japan need to apply for a visa except for those with re-entry permit.

Those who fall under the Eligible Applicants below are able to apply for a short-term stay visa for the purpose of Business (Note), Visiting Relatives and Tourism (Note), on Japan eVISAOpen a New Window website.

Meanwhile, the visa exemption measures for passport holders of countries/regions eligible to visa exemption will be resumed from 0:00 am (JST) on October 11, 2022.

(Note)The certificate for completion of registration to the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS) which receiving organization located in Japan applied for online is required.

Eligible Applicants

Canadian nationals residing in Canada, American nationals residing in the U.S. (continued from August 18)

Holders of Taiwan passport who reside in Taiwan (from 11:00 am (CST) (noon (JST)) on September 14, 2022) (NEW)

(Applicant are required to log onto the Japan eVisa website and display “Visa issuance notice” at the airport. PDF data or screenshot of the page will not be accepted.)

Types of visa

Short –Term Stay visa for the purpose of Business, Visiting Relatives (except Visiting Acquaintances) and Tourism (only organized tours by a travel agency which serves as the receiving organization of the entrants)
If you meet the criteria, please apply online for a visa on URL below.

For multiple-entry visa for nationals of visa exemption countries/regions (business etc., spouse or child of Japanese national), please apply at the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General etc. in your own country/region or country/region of residence. (If there is more than one, apply at the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General etc. nearest from where you live. For Taiwan, Taipei / Kaohsiung offices of Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association)

Japan eVISA web site

Online visa application for visiting JapanOpen a New Window

Please beware of fraud websites looking alike the JAPAN eVISA website.

How to display “Visa issuance notice”

Frequently asked questions about Japan eVISA

Contact information for inquiries (English / Japanese only)

(Note) This e-mail address is ONLY for inquiries about eVISA application procedures. For general inquiries, please contact the Japanese embassy/consulate in your country/region.

Website of Japanese Embassies and Consulates

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