June 1, 2024

Q1: What is the JAPAN eVISA?

A1: JAPAN eVISA is a system that provides a way to apply for a visa online and issue an electronic visa (eVISA) required for entry to Japan.

Q2: What types of visas can I apply for through JAPAN eVISA?

A2: Currently, you can apply only for a single-entry short-term stay (up to 90 days) visa for the purpose of tourism.
You must apply for a visa on paper at the Japanese overseas establishment (Japanese Embassy, Consulate-General or Consular Office) for other purposes such as visiting relatives/friends, business, study, work and transit, etc.
Note: Foreign nationals/citizens who are exempt from short-term stay visa don’t need to apply for an eVISA. Refer to the URL below to check if you are eligible for entry under the visa exemption arrangements.

Q3: What is an electronic visa?

A3: It is a visa that is issued and recorded electronically. If you apply through JAPAN eVISA, an electronic visa (eVISA) will be issued. You will not have a visa sticker in your passport. When checking in at the airport, you will be asked to display a “visa issuance notice” on your device (e.g. smart-phone, tablet) to prove that you have a valid eVISA.
Note: How to display a “visa issuance notice”(PDF) Open a New Window

Q4: Am I eligible to apply through JAPAN eVISA?

A4: JAPAN eVISA is available to all foreign nationals/citizens residing in certain countries, except those exempt from a short-term visa. Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for the latest information.

Please also note that only ordinary passport holders who travel to Japan by airplane are eligible to apply through JAPAN eVISA.

Q5: Do I still need to visit the Japanese overseas establishment if I apply for an eVISA?

A5: No. The entire process can be completed online for the eVISA application. You can submit your application, pay a visa fee and receive a visa in electronic form (eVISA) through the Japan eVISA system.
However, you may be requested to visit the Japanese overseas establishment for an interview or to submit additional documents for examination.

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