Japan-EU Relations

February 8, 2021
  1. On February 5th, the Seventh Japan-EU High-level Development Policy Dialogue was held online.
  2. The main participants were as follows:
    • Mr. UENO Atsushi, Assistant Minister and Director-General for International Cooperation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
    • Mr. ONO Keiichi, Assistant Minister and Director-General for Global Issues (Ambassador), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
    • Mr. Koen Doens, Director-General for International Partnerships, the European Commission
    • Mr. Raffaele Mauro Petriccione, Director-General for Climate Action, the European Commission.
  3. Both sides exchanged views on various issues on development policies, including emerging donors, assistance to Asia and Africa, as well as on global challenges such as the COVID-19 response including equitable access to vaccines, climate change and the environment. Both sides agreed to continue cooperation on these issues, attaching importance on connectivity. In addition, both sides discussed the current situation in Myanmar and shared concern.
  4. On this occasion, both sides made “Japan-EU Development Cooperation, Factsheet by Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the EU (Directorate-General for International Partnerships)”(PDF) Open a New Window. This factsheet illustrates Japan-EU synergies and complementarity between their respective cooperation on sustainable connectivity and quality infrastructure.
  5. Both sides agreed to hold the next dialogue in Brussels at an appropriate time.

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