Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality

April 7, 2021
State Minister Uto delivering his message to the meeing

On March 31, Mr. UTO Takashi, State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, delivered a video message (English translation (PDF)Open a New Window), at a Ministerial Meeting hosted by the Government of Mexico for the Formal Establishment of the Group of Friends for Gender Equality on the occasion of Generation Equality Forum in Mexico City.
The meeting was intended to celebrate the establishment of group of friends initiated by the Government of Mexico. Like-minded countries which strive for gender equality and women’s empowerment will cooperate in the international community.
In his message, State Minister UTO mentioned that COVID-19 revealed the difficulties that are being faced by economically and socially vulnerable people, including women and girls. He also emphasized that like-minded countries should cooperate in advocating for the importance of gender equality in the international community, sharing an idea to build a society that accommodates and reflects the voices of women in all areas and fields.
Moreover, he announced that the Government of Japan has decided to participate in the Action Coalitions, as a member in the theme of Gender Based Violence, in the framework of Gender Equality Forum, which is a movement to promote gender equality by all of us who are interested in doing so, regardless of their generation and regardless their gender.
Participants from Group of Friends for Gender Equality agreed that realization of gender equality is a common issue across the world and expressed thanked and welcome the initiative by the Government of Mexico.
(Note) ”Generation Equality Forum” was initiated by UN Women, France and Mexico, in order to advocate gender equality across the world regardless of their generation. The Generation Equality Forum at the Ministerial-level was hosted by the Government of Mexico between March 29 and 31. From Japan Ms. HAYASHI Tomoko, Director-General of Gender Equality Bureau of Cabinet Office, which is in charge of the policy for promoting gender equality, participated in the event.

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