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February 26, 2018
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On February 26, during the 37th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Swiss Confederation, Mr. Manabu Horii, our Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs attended the High-Level Side Event: "Hosting Mega Sport events: Strengthening the respect for Human Rights." At the event co-sponsored by the State of Qatar and Japan, Mr. Horii delivered a speech in English on behalf of the Government of Japan. 

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, 

As the host country of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it is a great honour for Japan to be a co-chair of this event, together with Qatar. As a three-time speed skating Olympian who believes passionately in the power of sports to inspire us to achieve the impossible, I am grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of this event.
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, 

It is our hope that the Tokyo 2020 Games will provide an invaluable opportunity to share Japan's initiatives worldwide. 

The Tokyo 2020 Games play an essential part in getting our message across and for gaining support for the 2030 Agenda through emphasizing the importance of delivering sustainable Games. In preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Games, Japan has been focusing on a wide variety of aspects of sustainability as exemplified by the introduction of the Tokyo 2020 Games Sustainability Plan. This illustrates the overall direction of the implemented measures of the Games operations. One tool of implementing the plan is the Sustainable Sourcing Code, a framework for the procurement of products and services for the Games. While taking all these issues on board, we prioritise human rights and inclusiveness. We also believe that the Tokyo 2020 approach can provide a good path for the process of formulating our National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. 

It is imperative that we ensure the full and meaningful participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in our society. Given this global trend, we aim to create a fully inclusive society through the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and this is an ideal opportunity to finely tune the Universal Design 2020 Action Plan, as Japan has been making nationwide efforts to promote universal design innovation in cities including in Olympic Stadiums, as well as encouraging the development of barrier free mindsets in society.

Last but not least, although our overarching ambition is to ensure that the benefits of the Tokyo 2020 Games will extend far beyond the event itself and reach the wider world, we in particular embrace the unique opportunity presented to increase awareness among people worldwide of the idea of Olympism. "Sport for Tomorrow", a private-public initiative is the means to achieve our aspiration to promote sports among more than 10 million people, particularly children and youths in over 100 nations by 2020. 
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I would like to reaffirm our commitment to hosting the Tokyo 2020 Games, which we believe will bring about lasting legacies for society, including an increased respect for human rights. The Tokyo 2020 Games remind us that the values promoted by sport are not limited to the world of sport but that they also can create hope and a better future for all.  

Thank you.

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