Women's Issues

5th WAW!/ W20

February 19, 2019



The next WAW! will be held in March 2019 in collaboration with Women 20 (W20)Open a New Window, one of the G20 engagement groups established to make recommendations to G20. We expect to promote the movement of enhancing women’s empowerment in both Japan and the world while highlighting the great collaboration with the W20 on that occasion.

Message by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

  • (Photo) (Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)
    (Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

The World Assembly for Women (WAW!) is Japan's initiative aiming at realizing "the society where women shine". This year, the WAW! marks the fifth year since its commencement.

We'll make this year's WAW! a special one. As Japan is serving as Presidency of G20 this year, it will be held concurrently with W20, one of the engagement groups of G20.

We will welcome Ms. Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate for 2014, as a keynote speaker of this special WAW!/W20. Ms.Malala has appealed for the importance of education for girls. Though being targeted by an anti-government organization, with the support of her family members and others, she has never given up advocating that “one book and one pen can change the world”. This is a powerful message. Each person opens up their potentials with his/her own will. That serves as the impetus to change the world.

To commemorate the fifth year of the WAW!, we will invite female foreign ministers from all over the world for the first time and youth representatives will participate in each session to convey their messages of the future generation. Distinguished guests from the world and the international organizations including H.E. Ms. Michelle Bachelet Jeria, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, will also be speaking at the conference.

The grand theme for this year's WAW! is "WAW! for Diversity". Diversity is recognized and everyone can fully use his/her ability. That's the new future we are aiming for. Each and every one of you are the player for such a new future.

Let's collect the wisdom from everyone regardless of sex or age, and draw a dream for a better society. Please come and listen to live messages from Ms.Malala and other wonderful guests.

Let's change the world from WAW! and W20, and let's work together to materialize our vision. To realize "the world where women shine"!


Date: March 23 (Sat) - 24 (Sun), 2019

Venue: Hotel New Otani Tokyo

5th WAW!/W20 Application Form

We accept applications of general audience for 5th WAW!/W20 to be held on March 23 to 24 until March 15 (Friday), 6:00 PM. *Application will be closed if the capacity of the venue reaches its maximum.
Please bring the printed confirmation e-mail and photo identification on the days of 5th WAW!/W20.

Press Guideline (coming soon)

5th WAW! / W20 Program

Day 1: Saturday, March 23

8:30-9:15 Registration/ Networking
9:30-10:00 Opening Speech, Delivery of the 2019 W20 Communiqué
10:00-10:40 Keynote Speeches
  • Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize laureate
  • Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Special Address
  • Gabriela Michetti, Vice President of the Argentine Republic
11:00-12:30 Panel Discussion: "Human Resource Development in a Changing Society with Technology Transformation (tentative)"
  • Kathy Matsui, Vice Chair, Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize laureate
  • Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Shojiro Nishio, President, Osaka University
13:45-15:00 WAW! Panel Discussion: "Leadership for Rural Development and Job Creation (tentative)"
  • Asako Osaki, Visiting Professor, Kwansei Gakuin University / Executive Director, Gender Action Platform (GAP)
  • Satsuki Katayama, Minister of State for Regional Revitalization, Regulatory Reform, Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment and PPP/PFI
  • Alice Graham, Assistant General Counsel, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Muneharu Nakagai, Mayor of Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Kenji Shoji, Vice Chair-person, National Council of Commissioned Welfare Volunteers (Minsei-iin Jido-iin)
  • Kanako Sato, CEO, snow days farm Inc.
15:05-16:20 W20 Panel Discussion 1: "Closing the Gender Gap for New Prosperity: Enhancing Governance for Women's Empowerment (tentative)"
16:40-18:00 High-Level Panel Discussion Sessions
WAW! High-Level Panel Discussion 1 "Media and Contents to Nurture Diversity (tentative)"
  • Tetsuya Honda, Managing Director, CEO, BlueCurrent Japan Inc
  • Ikuho Maeda, New Business Incubation Office Coordinator, The Asahi Shimbun Company
  • Takashi Washio, Excecutive Director, Development & Production Dept. #1, Sales Headquater, Toei Animation Co., Ltd.
WAW! High-Level Panel Discussion 2 "Women’s Participation in Conflict Prevention, Peace Building and Reconstruction (tentative)"
  • Hiroshi Kato, Senior Vice President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Joanna Roper CMG, Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Special Envoy for Gender Equality
W20 High-Level Panel Discussion 1 "Creation of Value by Women Entrepreneurs (tentative)"
W20 Special Session 1 "Gender Lens Investing (tentative)"

Day 2: Sunday, March 24

9:00-9:30 Registration/ Networking
9:30-10:50 High-Level Panel Discussion Sessions
WAW! High-Level Panel Discussion 3 "Diversity for the Sake of Growth: Corporate Management and Working Environment (tentative)"
  • Renge Jibu, Researcher, Showa Women's University
  • Yoriko Goto, Chair of the Board, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group
  • Kimie Iwata, Audit and Inspection Commissioner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Norihiro Takahashi, President, Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)
WAW! High-Level Panel Discussion 4 "Future of Family: Getting Support, Utilizing and Sharing (tentative)"
  • Shungo Koreeda, Researcher, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
  • Toshiyuki Tanaka, Associate Professor, Taisho University
  • Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Director, Georgetown University, Institute for Women, Peace and Security
  • Soshi Matsuoka, Representative Director, General Incorporated Association, fair (Youth Representative)
W20 High-Level Panel Discussion 2 "Gender Equity in the Digital Era (tentative)"
W20 Special Session 2 "Women and Healthcare (tentative)"
11:10-12:25 W20 Panel Discussion 2: "Closing the Gender Gap in Labor (tentative)"
12:30-13:30 Panel Discussion among Foreign Ministers, Wrap up and Closing Remarks
  • Taro Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs (tentative)

For the details; Please refer to the PDF file.

Shine Weeks

We designate January 23, 2019 to May 24, 2019 as "Shine Weeks"! We invite events (any form) which suite the objectives of WAW!/W20 to be registered as official side events for Shine Weeks.

(Notes) If anyone who would like to attend official side events, please contact each organizer.


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