People-to-People Exchange

December 22, 2022
Parliamentary Vice-Minister Takagi who makes a speech after taking a stage
A group photo by Parliamentary Vice-Minister Takagi and participants of MIRAI program

On December 21st, 39 graduate/undergraduate students and young professionals participating in MIRAI 2022/2023 (Economic, Business and Green group/ Culture and Art group) held a final reporting session of the visiting Japan Program at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to report their completed six-day visit to Japan. Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kei Takagi participated the session as a representative of the Ministry.

At the beginning, Mr. Kei Takagi, the Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs delivered a welcome speech to all the participants who were finally able to visit Japan after the COVID-19 pandemic of the last two years. Furthermore, he expressed his expectations that the participants would understand the importance of mutual understanding and contribute to a friendly relationship between Japan and their home countries in Europe based on their MIRAI program experience.

Representatives of the participants responded that they and their fellows appreciated this outstanding program to visit Japan and would tell their friends and families about the joyous days in Japan and what they have learned, felt, and been inspired through the program.

After the reporting session, Mr. TAKAGI and the participants had a free conversation and many of the participants expressed their hope to visit Japan again.


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