Residing in Japan

March 10, 2023
Vice-Minister Yamada who delivers an opening remarks
A picture of the meeting room
  1. In this forum, based on the theme “Supporting Foreign Residents in their Daily Lives: focusing on orientation and consultation services”, Mr. Kenji YAMADA, State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan made opening remarks, followed by the keynote speech by Mr. António Vitorino, Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). In addition, lectures presented by experts from Japan and abroad along with the panel discussion moderated by Professor Keizo YAMAWAKI of Meiji University, stimulated an active discussion among participants.
  2. In the opening remarks, State Minister YAMADA stated that, in light of the increasing number of foreign residents in Japan and the acceptance of displaced people from Ukraine, he hoped the Forum would provide good examples from Japan and abroad, stimulate an active discussion mainly on how the orientation and consultation systems should be to support daily lives of foreign residents in the community, so that it would lead to realization of a community where both foreign and Japanese residents can live together safely and securely.
  3. The Forum was attended more than 500 participants on-site and online.

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