Application Procedure Guide

4 Pre-application Checklist

April 1, 2016

Before you make an application, please verify whether or not you need a certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and which of either the authentication or apostille is required.

1 Are there any defects in your documents?
Is the document an official document? If you attach a translation to an official document, it will be considered as a private document.
Was it issued within three months?
Did you remove any staples?
Does the document include the name of the issuing institution, date of issue and issuer?
Does it include an official seal?
Did you obtain a certification of seal by the director of the relevant (district) legal affairs bureau for a notarial documents prepared by a notary public?
2 Do you have all the required documents?
Required documents (→ Application Procedure and Required Documents
3 Have you applied for the correct number of documents required?
Please verify the number of documents required with the destination agency. We do not accept applications for extra documents.