Consular Services

April 4, 2023

On March 27, 2023, for the convenience of the consular service users, electronic (online) application procedures for passports, certificates and visas for entering Japan as well as online payment procedures of the fees for these consular services have been introduced in some domestic offices and Japanese overseas establishments. For more information on the online application and online payment, please refer to the chart and links below.

1. Procedures of Online Application and Online Payment in Consular Services

(Image) Passport/certificate/visa online application, examination, registration of credit card information (online), passport/certificate issued at counter, visa issued electronically online, credit card payment completed at the time of issuance

2. Links to detailed information on each procedure

3. Offices with online application and online payment in consular services(Schedule as of March 27, 2023)

○: Available, ×: Not available, △: Partly available

  In Japan
(Note 1)
Japanese Overseas Establishments (Note 2)
Chiang Mai
Passport Online Application Please check the website of the prefectural government to which you file your application.
Passport Offices (Japanese Only)
Online Payment Tottori ×
Certification Online Application N/A ×
Online Payment ×
Visa Online Application N/A × △ (Note 3)
Online Payment × ×
  • (Note 1) Obtaining My Number Card and signing up with Mynaportal (Japanese)Open a New Window will be required to apply online for a passport in Japan.
  • (Note 2) Signing up with ORRnet (Japanese)Open a New Window will be required to apply online for a passport/certificate overseas.
  • (Note 3) 43 Japanese overseas establishments in Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and 2 Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association offices in Taiwan.
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