Media Handbook

August 16, 2019

1. Procedures for TICAD7 Media Accreditation

To cover the official events and other events, held in the conference center, and use International Media Center (IMC), non-accompanying media representatives must apply for and obtain an official TICAD7 Media ID Card in advance.
Application is closed.

2. International Media Center (IMC)

( image) International Media Center (IMC) Overview

The IMC includes working space (approximately 180 seats), IP transmission space (32 seats), a joint press conference/briefing room and a prayer room.
The working space offers workstations with power outlets, internet service (wireless), 10 PCs and a refreshment corner. The Information Desk provides services of printing, scanning and copying. There is no dedicated parking lots, but toll car parks are available nearby.

(1) Location

Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (PACIFICO Yokohama) Exhibition Hall A1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, JAPAN
Phone: 045-221-2155

(2) Opening Time

27 August
12:00-23:00 (Pre open)
28-30 August

(3) International Media Center (IMC) Overview

(4) Facilities

Each desk in the working space and the IP transmission space are equipped with power outlets (AC100V with Type A electric plugs). The IP transmission space offers wired network for video transmission.

(5) Live Streaming

Live streaming for the Plenary Sessions and some official programmes can be monitored in three languages (Japanese, English and French) at the working space. They will be also streamed on the TICAD7 Web site in Japanese, English and French.

3. Media Information

(1) Media Coverage

Detailed media coverage for the TICAD7 official events including the Spouse Programme will be announced in due course. Due to capacity limitations, some of the events will be pooled. Media representatives are necessary to register as pool media in advance through either the delegation of Japan or one of the TICAD participating African countries. Media representatives who will cover official events must go through security checks and be escorted by TICAD Secretariat press officers to the coverage areas.

For thematic sessions and all events organized by other ministries, NGOs and private companies, please contact with each host organizer to cover them.

(2) Audio Video and Photos taken by Host Broadcaster / Host Photographer

The TICAD7 official events except for its Spouse Programme will be covered by the host broadcaster and photographer. The audio and video taken by the host broadcaster will be available for free by lending of recorded media devices such as HDD at the visual media support desk (PDF) Open a New Window. The photos taken by the host photographer can be downloaded from the image sharing service on the website別ウィンドウで開く.

4. Media ID Card Pick-up Method (only for applicants for Media Accreditation having received approval e-mails)

Applicants who have received approval e-mails from the TICAD7 Secretariat, can collect their Media ID Cards from the Accreditation Center at the Entrance Lobby of the National Convention Hall of PACIFICO Yokohama. Please bring and present an official photo ID (eg; passport, valid driving license in Japan) as well as a printed copy of approval e-mail. The opening hours of the Accreditation Center are as follows:

26-29 August
30 August

As informed, the members of the Nihon Shimbun Kyokai, the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association, the Japan Magazine Publishers Association, the regular members of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan and the holders of valid Foreign Press Registration Cards issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are exempted from the need for accreditation to cover TICAD7 and to use the International Media Center (IMC). Please bring those ID cards (note: additional ID with a facial photo is required in case they are without photos) to cover TICAD7.

TICAD7 aims to reduce plastic waste. Your cooperation, not to bring plastic bottles and other disposable plastic items to the IMC, and to separate garbage, is highly appreciated. Water dispensers are available in the IMC.

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