(Application is closed)

July 30, 2019

This is only for media representatives who do NOT accompany an official delegation of TICAD7 (hereinafter “Non-accompanying media”). (All the accompanying media should be registered by each official delegation.)
Announcement for Holders of the Valid Foreign Press Registration Card issued by MOFA of Japan and Regular Members of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (FCCJ) would be made separately.

Non-accompanying media representatives wishing to cover the Joint Press Conference of the upcoming Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) to be held on August 30, 2019, and/or to use the International Media Center must apply for and obtain an official TICAD7 Media ID Card.

1. Application Procedures (closed)

(1) Documents required for Media Accreditation
A completed Media Accreditation Form (Word) (download here)
A copy of a passport OR a valid ID card issued by the Government of Japan
A facial photo data
(JPEG, aspect ratio: 4 (hight) x 3 (width), more than 300dpi, up to 20MB, full-face frontal view, in colors, no background)
[For those who belong to a media organization]
A certificate of employment signed by the media organization representative
[For unaffiliated freelance journalists]
A letter of recommendation from a media organization or a governmental organization (if available)
An article bearing the writer’s name (the most recent article published within the past 6 months)
(2) Deadline for Applications (closed)
The documents mentioned above should be submitted by e-mail to the TICAD7 Secretariat (ticad7-press#mofa.go.jp) by July 29 (Monday), 2019.
(Please replace “#” by “@” to send an e-mail.)
(3) Issue of Media ID Cards
If the applications are approved, applicants will receive an e-mail about the completion of the registration from the TICAD7 Secretariat by August 16, 2019. Media ID Cards can be collected at the Accreditation Center at the Entrance Lobby of the National Convention Hall of PACIFICO Yokohama. Please present one of your photo IDs (passport, official national press pass, working ID card etc.) there. The opening hours of the Accreditation Center are as follows:
August 26-29
August 30

2. Media Coverage

Due to capacity limitations and for security reasons, the media coverage of the TICAD7 programs will be restricted to media representatives (pool media) of each delegation in principle. For some of official programs, TICAD7 Secretariat will provide photos and movie clips taken by its host photo- and videographers. Detailed information on media coverage occasions will be sent to the accredited media in due course.

3. International Media Center (IMC)

The International Media Center (IMC) will be open from August 27 to 30, 2019, during the TICAD7.

  • (1) Place: Exhibition Hall A, PACIFICO Yokohama
  • (2) Dates: August 27- August 30, 2019 (details on opening hours will be announced in due course)
  • (3) Main facilities and services Media Working Space (desks, chairs, electric power source (AC100V with Type A electric plugs), free Wi-Fi Internet access are available)
    Press Conference Room
    Information Desk

4. Visas

Caution: Application for and issue of Media ID Cards do NOT guarantee the acquisition of a visa or entry into Japan. Entry visas are NOT issued at any Japanese airport on arrival. Therefore, every media representative is required to obtain visas in advance. Please present the printed e-mail about the completion of the registration sent from the TICAD7 Secretariat when applying for a visa. For further information, please contact the Embassy of Japan in your country or accredited to your country directly.

For more inquiries, please contact the TICAD7 Secretariat Press Unit:
E-mail: ticad7-press#mofa.go.jp (Please replace “#” by “@”.)

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