August 28, 2022
Foreign Minister Hayashi attends at Closing session

On August 28, commencing at 5:56 p.m. JST, H.E. Mr. KISHIDA Fumio, Prime Minister of Japan, participated in the TICAD 8 Plenary 2 and Plenary 3 with his video messages and attended online the Closing Ceremony, held in Tunisia.

As on the first day, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs, participated in person, as Special Envoy of the Prime Minister. Furthermore, on the occasion of TICAD 8, Prime Minister Kishida held bilateral talks with a total of 10 countries and regional organization. Also, Minister Hayashi held bilateral talks with 21 countries.

1 Plenary 2 (Society)

Foreign Minister Hayashi attend at Plenary session
Photo of the Plenary session

(1) At the beginning of Plenary 2, a video message by Prime Minister Kishida was delivered. In the message, he stated that one of the biggest changes after the TICAD 7 is the COVID-19 pandemic. He introduced that Japan has been providing comprehensive assistance, including measures to address cold chain issues, will train 35,000 personnel in the health sector in order to strengthen field-level support that will serve as bases for addressing infectious diseases considering that the support to the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) and the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research in Ghana has been demonstrating its true value in the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized the importance of "human resource development" as a key driver of post-COVID-19 economic growth, and expressed his commitment to provide quality education, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, to 9 million people in order to improve access to quality education, including for youth and women, and improve the education for 4 million girls. In addition, he stated that in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and improve people's living environment, it is important to address environmental issues. He expressed his intention to continue to strengthen the response to various issues in Africa through the frameworks such as the African Clean Cities Platform.

(2) At this plenary which focused on society, participants discussed the importance of strengthening healthcare systems, including vaccination, and further promotion of human resource development. It is also important for the international community to collaborate in taking measures to address climate change, which is causing a major impact on the African region. In addition, many participants expressed their appreciation for Japan's efforts to date and their expectations for further support.

2 Plenary 3 (Peace and Stability)

(1) At the end of Plenary 3, a video message by Prime Minister Kishida was delivered. In the message, he expressed the intention to collaborate with other countries towards the realization of a peaceful and stable Africa, so that people of Africa can live with peace of mind. Prime Minister Kishida also expressed Japan's intention to strongly support the promotion of the rule of law through institutional building and the strengthening of governance in the judicial and administrative fields, as well as Africa's own efforts for return to constitutional order and consolidated democracy. As part of this effort, he announced the appointment of an "Ambassador, Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa".

(2) Prime Minister Kishida expressed his intention that, in order to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between residents and local governments at the community level, Japan will also contribute to the strengthening of community base by implementing measures to improve public services for the five million residents. In addition, he expressed his view that the UN plays an important role in achieving peace and stability in Africa and the international community, and expressed his intention to strengthen cooperation with African countries in order to strengthen the functions of the UN as a whole, including through Security Council reform.

(3) African Heads of State emphasized the peace and stability is the basis for development in Africa and introduced their own initiatives to deal with the increasingly complex regional situation. They also showed their expectation for Japan's measures for peace and stability in Africa, including the "New Approach to Peace and Stability in Africa (NAPSA)" promoted by Japan.

3 Closing Session

Photo of Closing Session
Foreign Minister Hayashi attends at the closing session

At the proceedings directed by Minister Hayashi, Prime Minister Kishida, H.E. Mr. Kais Saied, President of Republic of Tunisia, H.E. Mr. Macky Sall, President of Republic of Senegal, delivered the closing speeches, and the "TICAD 8 Tunis Declaration" was adopted as the outcome document of the conference.



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