Japan-ASEAN Relations

December 18, 2023

On the occasion of the Commemorative Summit for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, which was held in Tokyo from December 16 through 18, a variety of dishes featuring both Japanese and Western cuisines were provided and introduced using abundant ingredients from all over Japan, including scallops from Hokkaido and seafood from Sanriku and Joban regions, along with halal and vegetarian dishes. The Summit provided an extremely meaningful opportunity to disseminate to the rest of the world the charm of Japanese food culture and the safety of those products.

  1. Saturday, December 16: Dinner hosted by Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio and his spouse, Mrs. KISHIDA Yuko (at the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace)
  2. Sunday, December 17:
    1. Commemorative Summit Working Lunch (Second Session) at Hotel Okura Tokyo
    2. Gala dinner at Hotel Okura Tokyo
  3. Menu for Partners’ Program
    1. Sunday, December 17: Lunch at Shojin Ryori Daigo
    2. Monday, December 18: Brunch at National Noh Theater, meals prepared by Happo-en
  4. Others
    ・Offered Japanese seafood at delegation working room
    ・Showed videos on the charms of Japanese seafood at Leaders’ lounge and press waiting room

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