Japan-Pakistan Relations

January 4, 2018
Japan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Meeting1
Japan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Meeting2
Japan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Meeting3

On Thursday, January 4, from 11:38 a.m. (local time) for approximately two hours and ten minutes, Mr. Taro Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on his visit to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, held a Foreign Ministers' Meeting and a working lunch with H.E. Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.  The overview is as follows.

  1. Minister Kono spoke of the friendly relations between the two countries over many years, and stated that he would like to take the opportunity of the first visit to Pakistan by a foreign minister of Japan in approximately nine years, to reinvigorate exchanges between the two countries. Furthermore, Minister Kono stated that Japan is continuing to cooperate with the efforts of Pakistan for stability and development under democracy and the rule of law, and is providing assistance related to the general election this year. 
  2. Minister Kono stated that Japan had consistently supported the economic growth of Pakistan for 65 years, that improvement of the social infrastructure of Pakistan is a priority area of the support by Japan, and that Japan is ready to continue providing support. In response, Minister Asif conveyed gratitude for the support of Japan over many years, and expressed his hope for further cooperation for the economic development of Pakistan.
  3. Minister Kono stated that Japan appreciates the efforts of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism and is prepared to cooperate closely in the field of counter-terrorism. In addition, Minister Kono requested Pakistan to continue to endeavor to ensure the safety of Japanese nationals and Japanese companies. In response, Minister Asif explained that the terrorism situation has improved in recent years, and that he hoped more Japanese companies would start doing business in Pakistan.
  4. Minister Kono emphasized to Minister Asif the importance of the positive initiatives of Pakistan regarding the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and the Fissile Material Cut Off Treaty (FMCT). 
  5. Minister Kono explained the importance of maximizing pressure on North Korea including through the implementation of relevant UNSC resolutions, not allowing South Asian countries to be loopholes for escaping the sanctions, and the early resolution of the abductions issue. Minister Asif stated that Pakistan was endeavoring to achieve full implementation of the UNSC resolutions, and that it intended to cooperate with Japan.
  6. Minister Asif explained that Pakistan has been working hard for the stability of Afghanistan for many years, and it intended to cooperate with the international community for the stability of the region, also explaining about the initiatives of Pakistan. Minister Kono stated that the stability of both Pakistan and Afghanistan was extremely important for the stability of the entire region.

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