Japan-Bangladesh Relations

May 29, 2019
Meeting between Mrs. Abe Akie, the spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan and Ms. Sheikh Siddique Rehana, Family Member of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of Republic of Bangladesh

On May 29th, Mrs. Abe Akie, the spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan had a meeting with Mrs. Sheikh Siddique Rehana, family member (sister) of the Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh, who was visiting Japan. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere. Mrs. Abe welcomed Mrs. Rehana’s visit to Japan. Mrs. Rehana thanked for Mrs. Abe’s warm reception.

  1. Mrs. Abe said that Japan is currently taking measure to improve the work-life balance of the nation and increase and give more opportunities for women in the workforce through its labor reform called “Hatarakikata-kaikaku”, and asked Mrs. Rehana of Bangladesh’s status. Mrs. Rehana replied that, including the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House of Parliament, the opposition leader, several Ministers are comprise of women, and the numbers of women in the Armed Forces and the Police are gradually increasing, and that opportunities for women are on the rise.
  2. Also, both Mrs. Abe and Mrs. Rehana discussed about culture, sports, and education etc. of each other’s country. 

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