Japan- Timor-Leste Relations

October 12, 2018
Japan-Timor-Leste Foreign Ministers' Meeting1
Japan-Timor-Leste Foreign Ministers' Meeting2
Japan-Timor-Leste Foreign Ministers' Meeting3

On October 12, commencing at 2 p.m. (same time in Japan) for approximately 50 minutes, Mr. Taro Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a foreign ministers' meeting with H.E. Mr. Hermenegildo Augusto Cabral Pereira, Minister of State of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste, during his visit to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. The overview of the meeting is as follows.  After the meeting, the two ministers signed and exchanged notes on grant aid to Timor-Leste for the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS).

  1. Minister Kono explained that this is the second visit to Timor-Leste by a Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan following the visit made in 2000 by then Minister for Foreign Affairs Yohei Kono, his father, and is the first one since the restoration of Timor-Leste's independence. Minister Kono also mentioned that he visited Timor-Leste personally, as an electoral observer in 2001, and expressed his surprise at the amount of progress that has been made since then. Minister Kono conveyed his congratulations that peace and democracy are now established as a result of the unity of the people of Timor-Leste toward nation-building. Minister Kono explained that he hoped to use this historical visit as an opportunity to deepen discussion with Minister Pereira so that the Ministers could share the view on the future bilateral relationship as well as the recognition of the regional and international issues. In response, Minister Pereira welcomed Minister Kono's visit, expressed gratitude for the many years of support by Japan, and stated that he would intend to use this historical opportunity to bolster the bilateral relationship.   
  2. The two Ministers not only confirmed that the two countries will continue to cooperate in various fields such as politics, security, economy, infrastructure, tourism, human exchanges, human resources development, and maritime issues, but also shared the view that they will pursue specific cooperation in the maritime field under the framework of trilateral cooperation among Timor-Leste, Indonesia and Japan. Minister Kono also conveyed the intention to collaborate on realizing a free and open Indo-Pacific, which was welcomed by Minister Pereira.
  3. Minister Pereira expressed Timor-Leste's support for Osaka's bid for World Expo 2025, and Minister Kono conveyed his gratitude.

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