Japan-Philippines Relations

May 19, 2021

 On May 19, Mr. SUGA Yoshihide, Prime Minister of Japan, held a summit telephone talk with His Excellency Rodrigo R. Duterte, President of the Republic of the Philippines, for about 20 minutes from 6:00 p.m. The overview of the talk is as follows:

  1. With regard to bilateral cooperation, Prime Minister Suga reiterated that he would spare no effort for the Philippine Government's response to COVID-19 and announced Japan's 20 billion yen financial support through the Post Disaster Stand-by Loan and the cold-chain development assistance worth 1 billion yen. In response, President Duterte once again expressed his appreciation for Japan's cooperation programmes, including the assistance for COVID-19 control measures. In particular, President Duterte stated that the legacies of the subway development and the extension of the North-South Commuter Railway in Metro Manila would live on for generations to come. President Duterte continued his remarks to convey gratitude for Japan’s assistance to the Mindanao peace process.
  2. In light of the 65th anniversary of the normalization of the Japan-Philippines diplomatic relations and a decade-old Strategic Partnership, the two leaders concurred on close coordination for the promotion of both a "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" and the "ASEAN Outlook for the Indo-Pacific (AOIP)." The two leaders also shared the intention to strengthen cooperation in the Sulu and Celebes Seas and surround areas.
  3. Prime Minister Suga expressed his opposition to the continued and strengthened unilateral attempts to change the status quo in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, and shared grave concerns about recent developments in China, including the Coast Guard Law. The two leaders concurred to work together closely toward the maintenance of peace and stability in the region under the rule of law such as the UNCLOS.
  4. On the situation in Myanmar, Prime Minister Suga mentioned that Japan highly values ASEAN's efforts including the ASEAN Leaders' Meeting of April 24. The two leaders concurred on continued coordination for the improvement of the situation.

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