Japan-Cambodia Relations

December 6, 2022
(Photo2) Cabinet Public Affairs Office  (Photo: Cabinet Public Affairs Office)
  1. At the Japan-Cambodia Summit Meeting held in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia on 12 November, the logo for the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Cambodia in 2023 was announced.
  2. This Logo was designed by Mr. Sroeun Menglong, a student from Cambodia.
    This logo is based on the red and blue of the national flags of both countries, the number 7 is designed to resemble "Jahva" which is used as a part of the roof of temples, palaces, churches, pagodas and schools, and the number 0 has the cherry blossom(Sakura), the national flower of Japan inside. In addition, Sakura and Romduol, which are representative flowers of both countries, are attached next to the 70th anniversary letters.
  3. The endorsed events will be allowed to use this logo for the 70th Anniversary of the Friendship between Japan and Cambodia. Please refer hereOpen a New Window for the procedures for the endorsement.
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