Joint Statement of Environmental Principles

September 11, 2000

   The Government of the United States ("USG") and the Government of Japan ("GOJ") recognize the increasing importance of protecting the environment. This recognition includes preventing pollution on facilities and areas the use of which is granted to the U.S. armed forces under the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty and its related arrangements ("facilities and areas"), and in the communities adjacent to facilities and areas. Our common goal is to ensure the health and safety of residents in communities adjacent to facilities and areas, as well as the personnel of the U.S. armed forces in Japan ("USFJ") and their dependents.

Governing Standards

   Efforts by USFJ for environmental protection and safety are undertaken consistent with the Japan Environmental Governing Standards ("JEGS") developed with the basic idea of selecting the more protective standards from relevant U.S. and Japanese laws and regulations. As a result, USFJ environmental standards generally meet or exceed those set by relevant laws and regulations of Japan. The USG and the GOJ will strengthen their cooperation in reviewing and biennially updating the JEGS. At all times, the USG will continue to make efforts to protect the environment in Japan consistent with relevant laws and regulations.

Information Sharing and Access

   The USG and the GOJ will cooperate fully to provide appropriate information regarding issues that could affect the health of Japanese citizens as well as USFJ personnel and their dependents, through the framework of the Joint Committee. The USG and the GOJ will also provide appropriate access to facilities and areas in accordance with procedures established by the Joint Committee. This includes access for the purpose of joint environmental surveys and monitoring.

Response to environmental contamination

   The USG and the GOJ will discuss any risks posed by environmental contamination on facilities and areas or in the communities adjacent to facilities and areas. The USG reconfirms its policy of immediately undertaking to remedy any contamination caused by USFJ that poses a known, imminent and substantial threat to human health. The GOJ, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, will take all available measures to respond appropriately to serious contamination caused by sources outside facilities and areas.

Environmental Consultation

   The Environmental Subcommittee and other relevant subcommittees of the Joint Committee will meet periodically to discuss environmental issues related to facilities and areas in Japan, as well as environmental issues related to the communities adjacent to these facilities and areas. Working groups will be established as required to discuss specific environmental issues.

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