Joint Statement on Trade and Environment
on the occasion of the Signing of
the Agreement between Japan and the Republic of
Peru for an Economic Partnership


The two Ministers,

Reaffirming both governments' commitment to sustainable development;

Recognizing that environment and trade policies should be mutually supportive with a view to achieving sustainable development;

Sharing the view that it is inappropriate to set or use respective environmental laws, regulations, policies and practices as a disguised or unjustifiable barrier to international trade;

Recognizing the importance of cooperation on trade related aspects of environmental policies in order to achieve the objectives of the Agreement between Japan and the Republic of Peru for an Economic Partnership;

Committed to encourage the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of its components;

Noting the existence of differences in the countries' respective natural endowments, climate, geographical, social, cultural and legal conditions and economic, technological and infrastructural capabilities, as well as the need to develop such capabilities;

Recognizing that climate change, including global warming, is an issue of common and global concern, significantly affecting the development of human society;

Recalling the Joint Statement on Enhanced Cooperation in Environment and Climate Change Issues between Japan and the Republic of Peru, signed on March 17, 2008;

Have confirmed as follows:

  1. Both governments reaffirm their commitment that respective laws and regulations provide for high levels of environmental protection and continue the improvement of those laws and regulations, acknowledging the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development and recognizing the right of each government to establish its own levels of domestic environmental policies and priorities.
  2. Both governments reaffirm the importance of, and their commitments to, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and work jointly in furthering the objectives of these Conventions.
  3. Both governments reaffirm the importance of sustainable forest management and reiterate their continued intention to work together through cooperation activities on bilateral and multilateral channels.
  4. Both governments will cooperate and, as appropriate, encourage and facilitate cooperative activities in the field of trade and environment.
  5. Both governments endeavor to promote, within their respective capacities and resources, the measures in the areas identified in the Joint Statement on Enhanced Cooperation In Environment and Climate Change Issues Between Japan and the Republic of Peru signed in 2008, including those on the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Tokyo, May 31, 2011

  • Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

    Takeaki Matsumoto

  • Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism
    of the Republic of Peru

    Eduardo Ferreyros

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