photo (Foreign Minister Taro Aso)

The Twelfth Japan-CARICOM Consultation,
Georgetown, Guyana, August 9, 2007
Message of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Aso Taro


It is my great pleasure that the Twelfth Japan-CARICOM Consultation Meeting is convened in the Republic of Guyana, with representatives from CARICOM member states and Japan.

Since 1993, this forum has been greatly contributing to development of the solid base for friendly ties between Japan and CARICOM member states as well as for our mutual cooperation in the international arena.

Last month, I had the opportunity to give an address entitled "Examining Latin America and the Caribbean from Japan's Perspective: Fostering Partnerships for a New Age" for Japanese business leaders. Recognizing the fact that the time has come for Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean to pursue common benefits, I emphasized that there should emerge a partnership between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean, in three areas: the strengthening of economic relations; support for efforts to resolve the regional issues of poverty and gaps in society; and joint engagement in addressing challenges facing the international community.

Japan recognizes CARICOM member states as partners sharing universal values such as democracy, human rights, and the market economy. Japan has been extending a wide range of economic and technical assistance in order to support the efforts of CARICOM member states for economic and social development. In addition, Japan has been supporting the democratization and reconstruction process in Haiti, which is the key for the peace and stability of the region. Japan hopes for continued cooperation between Japan and CARICOM member states, based upon our mutual trust.

I would like to conclude my remarks by wishing for a fruitful outcome of this meeting through an open and frank exchange of views.

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