Japan-CARICOM Partnership Programme

2 September, 2010, Tokyo

Based on the fact that the 'Partnership for Peace, Development and Prosperity between Japan and the Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)' was adopted as the outcome document of the Second Japan-CARICOM Ministerial-Level Conference held on 2 September, Japan will implement the following assistance measures to CARICOM Member States in the next three years or so under the framework of the 'Japan-CARICOM Partnership Programme'. The progress of implementation will be followed up at the next Ministerial-Level Conference.

Integration into the Global Economy

1. Japan-CARICOM Business Encounter

In order to discover potential business opportunities between Japan and CARICOM Member States,

  • - Japan will dispatch the Public-Private Joint Economic Mission (for example, financial and tourism sectors) to CARICOM Member States.
  • - Japan will host the 'Japan-CARICOM Business Seminar' in Tokyo.

2. Project for the Promotion of 'One Village One Product' in CARICOM

In order to promote trade and investment in CARICOM Members States through the development of local industries,

  • - Japan will host the 'CARICOM One Village One Product Fair' in Tokyo.
  • - Japan will invite and dispatch experts in order to develop products suitable for the 'One Village One Product' project.

Japan will also consider providing assistance in tourism, fisheries and agriculture, which are key industries of CARICOM Member States, as well as promoting the use of information and communication technologies.

Environment and Climate Change

3. Project for Supporting the Introduction of Alternative Energy in CARICOM

In order to transfer Japan's advanced technology in the field of alternative energy and supporting CARICOM Member States' efforts in addressing environmental issues and climate change,

  • - Japan will invite experts in alternative energy from CARICOM Member States and give training to them. It will also provide related equipment to CARICOM Member States.

4. Programme for Human Resource Development in Waste Management for Realisation of Recycling Society

In order to transfer Japan's technology in waste management and assist the realisation of recycling society in CARICOM Member States,

  • - Japan will invite and dispatch experts through the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI).

5. Project for Adaptation to the Effect of Climate Change

In order to share Japan's expertise and experience in disaster risk reduction and support CARICOM Member States' adaptation to the effect of climate change,

  • - Japan will implement flood countermeasures through the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) (such as the dispatch of experts and provision of equipments for making hazard maps).

Japan will also consider providing assistance in sewage treatment and water supply management.

Promotion of Human Security

6. Programme for Promoting Human Security Focusing on Education, Health and Medicine

In order to promote human security in CARICOM Member States through the improvement of primary and secondary education as well as health and medical systems,

  • - Japan will dispatch about one hundred Japanese volunteers to CARICOM Member States over the next three years.

Dialogues and Exchanges between Japan and CARICOM

7. Programme for Fostering Human Resources to Link Japan and CARICOM in the Future

In order to foster human resources to support the future of Japan-CARICOM relations and promote exchanges,

  • - Japan will invite about three hundred young leaders from CARICOM Member States to visit Japan in the next three years.

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