Japan-EU Symposium on Further Promoting People-to-People Exchanges

   The Action Plan for EU-Japan Cooperation was adopted in December 2001, on the occasion of the 10th Japan-EU Summit with the aim to give a new impetus to bilateral relations by providing the foundations for both sides to build a "Decade of Japan-Europe Cooperation."

   To organize a symposium to consider how best Japan and the EU can improve and develop civil society links, cultural contacts and people-to-people exchanges between both regions is referred to as an "Initiative to be launched immediately" under "Objective 4: Bringing Together People and Cultures" in the Action Plan.

   The Japan-EU Symposium on Further Promoting People-to-People Exchange will be held on November 11, 2002 in Tokyo, on which occasion prominent speakers from both Japan and the EU will discuss, in three different sessions, how to increase exchanges between the citizens of Japan and the EU based on the current situation and obstacles, with emphasis on identifying feasible recommendations for specific actions. Discussions could also cover the modalities for possible meetings or symposia in the future as well as inputs to "the Japan-EU Year of People-to People Exchanges 2005."

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