The Preparatory Meeting on Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership

September 8, 2003

Based on the Joint Announcement by the Prime Minister of Japan and the President of the Republic of Indonesia on the Possibility of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and Indonesia dated 24 June 2003, [PDF] Acrobat the Preparatory Meeting on Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership was held in Tokyo on 8th September 2003. The Meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Tri Mardjoko, Director of Bilateral Cooperation I, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Indonesia and Mr. Fumio Yawata, Director of FTA/EPA Division, Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, coordinating chair of Japan. The Meeting was well attended by representatives from various ministries and agencies concerned of both sides.

The representatives from both governments had good discussions on various subjects, including their basic views on FTA/EPA, each other's on-going negotiations and consultations for FTA/EPA with third countries and their respective economic condition and trade policy.

Both sides discussed various issues, including trade in goods and services, customs procedures, movement of natural persons, intellectual property, mutual recognition/standards and conformance, investment, government procurement, cooperation (human resource development, small and medium enterprises, agriculture and fisheries, third country cooperation and others) and business environment.

The Meeting was an initial step in the process of consultations to explore the possibility of a bilateral EPA between Japan and Indonesia. The two sides reaffirmed their efforts towards continuing constructive discussions.

The meeting will be held regularly every 4 months or on the date agreed by both sides, alternately in Indonesia or in Japan.

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