2006 Opinion Poll on Japan in Australia

June 2006

1. Major Findings

The 2006 opinion poll on Japan shows a positive evaluation of Japan- Australia relations.

The perception that Japan-Australia relations are good reaches a high level (approximately 70%). The percentage of those who state that Australia and Japan should be closer has increased (approximately 70%).

As for trade, the percentage of those who answer that Japan unfairly treats Australia remains at a low level (approximately 10%). Regarding visit of Japanese tourists to Australia, most of respondents state that Australia should encourage more tourists to come.

It is notable that the study shows a nearly 20 percent points decline in respondents' view of Japan as " a country which is culturally different from Australia and difficult to understand" compared to the previous study in 1998.

Meanwhile, many respondents chose Indonesia and China as a country which Australia should be most friendly with in the future. The percentage of those who answer that Japan is playing a role in the world comparable to its economic strength decreased more than 10 percent points compared to the previous study.

2. Overview of Survey

  • (1) Implementing agency: ORIMA Research (research company in Australia)
  • (2) Survey period: February-March 2006
  • (3) Surveyed region: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
  • (4) Number of people surveyed: 500 people from the general public (100 people per city), 300 s (60 people per city) (those holding undergraduate degrees or higher are considered "learned individuals")
  • (5) Survey method: Telephone interviews
  • (6) Reliability of the survey results: 95% (sampling error: 4%)

3. Detailed Survey Results [PDF]

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