Japan-ASEAN Cooperation toward the 21st Century
-Following up Activities of Hashimoto's Three Initiatives-

December 1998

1. Japan's Cooperation with ASEAN Economies Entering a New Stage

(a) Cooperation toward currency and financial stability
-The second Manila Framework Meeting in March, 1998 and the Joint Manila Framework / G7 Meeting in June, 1998 held in Japan
-Japan's contributions through the IMF-led International financial assistance;
$4 billion to Thailand, and $5 billion to Indonesia
-Financial contribution through the World Bank and ADB;
approximately $23 million to provide technical assistance to financial sectors

(b) Support for ASEAN's economic structural reforms and its stable and sustainable development
[Human Resources Development]
- "Japan-ASEAN Program for Comprehensive Human Resources Development";
Receiving more than 6500 trainees and students by the end of FY1998.
-A mission dispatched in December, 1998, to promote cooperation for strengthening higher education in science and technology
[Strengthening of Competitiveness]
-Development of infrastructure;
Japan supports the activities of the World Bank, ADB in assisting private sector's initiative of infrastructure development.
-Agreement to establish an Expert Group Meeting for developing supporting industries and SMEs
[Strengthening Intra-regional Cooperation]
-The first meeting of Japan-ASEAN Roundtable on Development in Okinawa, in May, 1998
-The first meeting of AEM-MITI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee in Bangkok, in November 1998
[Yen Loan]
-Reduction of the standard interest rate for ODA Yen loans (Oct. 1998)

2. Closer dialogues and exchanges between Japan and ASEAN

(a) Enhancing dialogues between leaders
-Prime Minister Hashimoto's visit to Indonesia in March 1998
-Bilateral meetings between Prime Minister Obuchi and several ASEAN leaders on the occasion of the APEC meeting in November 1998
-Japan-ASEAN Summit meeting in December 1998

(b) Enhancing Political and Security dialogues
- First Military-Military talks with Singapore, and with Indonesia First Politico-Military talks and Military-Military talks with Thailand

(c) Further promotion of broad exchanges including cultural ones between Japan and ASEAN
-The Multinational Cultural Mission : Adoption Action Agenda Part II in April, 1998
-Japan-ASEAN Intellectual Exchange Open Symposium in Manila, in March, 1998

3. Joint efforts toward the challenges faced by the international community

(a) Japan-ASEAN South-South Cooperation Program
-TICAD II in October 1998: Proposal on the concept of transforming Indonesia's South-South Cooperation Center as a base for promotion of triangle cooperation among Japan, ASEAN, and Africa.

(b) Strengthening cooperation to face global challenges
-The haze problems: a survey team to Indonesia from August to October in 1998
-Japan-ASEAN cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Group on money laundering
-A conference on anti- drugs measures to be held in February, 1999

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