ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conferences (PMC)
(ASEAN+10 Foreign Ministers Meeting)
- Outline -

August 1, 2002

On 30 July from 9:50 to 12:40, the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conferences (PMC) (ASEAN+10 Foreign Ministers Meeting) was held in Brunei Darussalam. The following is the outline of the meeting.

1. Regional and International Political Issues

(1) Counter-Terrorism

In order to effectively deal with terrorism, the Foreign Ministers recognized that in addition to regional cooperation, it is important to cooperate with countries outside the region. Also, the Foreign Ministers noted that there exist organizations which are thought to take part in terrorism in Southeast Asia and it is necessary for Southeast Asian countries to continue counter-terrorism efforts.

Moreover, some of the countries pointed out the importance of eliminating economic disparities and poverty, which are among the root causes of terrorism.

(2) Situation in the Middle East

While the view was demonstrated that the concept of peaceful coexistence between Palestine and the State of Israel was significant in that it was gaining wide recognition, the importance of both sides working toward a cessation of violence on the premise of peaceful coexistence was also pointed out.

(3) Khmer Rouge Trials

Japan pointed out the importance of supporting the Royal Government of Cambodia's will for the Khmer Rouge trials to be implemented with the cooperation of the United Nations. Cambodia stated that efforts are currently being made to engage the cooperation of the United Nations in the Khmer Rouge trials.

(4) Transnational Issues

With regard to the trafficking in persons, drugs, the environment and HIV/AIDS, the efforts of the ASEAN countries and cooperative activities between ASEAN countries and their neighboring countries were introduced. Japan outlined its efforts regarding the trafficking in persons, including support toward poverty reduction and the narrowing of economic gaps, as well as the strengthening of assistance to build capacity for officials responsible for law enforcement. In addition, with regard to the environment, Japan stated that through measures against illegal logging and the prevention of forest fires with international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others, cooperation was ongoing to create "the Asia Forest Partnership". Moreover, with regard to the issue of piracy, Japan stated that it would actively promote the creation of a framework designed to counter piracy.

2. Development Issues

With regard to the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI), in addition to an explanation from the ASEAN, Japan and several countries stated its intention to actively support this initiative.

In addition, with regard to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), it was stated that discussion should take place on both environmental protection and development, and opinions were stated that it is important to implement specific projects.

3. Regional and International Economic, Financial and Trade Issues

Canada reported the results of the G8 Kananaskis Summit and the Kingdom of Thailand gave an explanation of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD).

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