Agricultural Sector Program
Project Summary

I. Basic data

Sectors: Poverty alleviation / Agricultural Development
Title: Agricultural Sector Programme
Donor country: Danida (Denmark)
Other donors / organizations involved: None
Beneficiary countries / regions: Eritrea
Implementing agencies in
beneficiary countries / regions:
Ministry of Agriculture
Duration: 1996 - 2000
Starting Date: November 1996
Project budget: Danish contribution: 112 mill. DKK
Finance / Type of cooperation: Technical co-operation and grant

II. Project / program description

  1. Objectives
    Pilotphase for a sector programme aiming at providing sustenance of rural livelihoods through a combination of improved crop and livestock productivity and production achieved under sustainable and improved use as well as protection of the country's natural resources.
  2. Activities / contents
    The project aims at enhancing the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture (central and decentral) to plan and implement activities with a view to increasing food security and agricultural production as well as improving the standard of living of farmers. The project is composed of four main components: Daily/Livestock development, National Crop Seed development, National Tree Seed development, and Integrated Watershed Development.
  3. Expected outcomes / impacts
    The project should support the Government of Eritrea's priorities in achieving food security, environmental protection, and sectoral development. The experiences of the pilotphase will provide input to the Danish/Eritrean formulation of a broader sector programme in the agricultural sector.
  4. Features in line with the Agenda for Action
    The project will ensure a sustainable long-term management of natural resources by reducing erosion, relocating dairy farms, and developing drought tolerant varieties. Poverty reduction will be ensured through improvement of farmers standard of living. The programme is characterised by strong ownership.

III. Contact point:

Department of East and West Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Denmark)


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