Illustrative List Of Ongoing and Pipeline Projects/Programs For African Development As a Reference Document for TICAD II

(Tokyo,19-21 October 1998)



I. Social Development and Poverty Reduction
1.1 Education
1.2 Health and Population
1.3 Other Measures to Assist the Poor
II. Economic Development : Promoting Private Sector
2.1 Private Sector Development
2.2 Industrial Development
2.3 Agricultural Development
2.4 External Debt
III. Basic Foundations for Development
3.1 Good Governance
3.2. Conflict Prevention and Post Conflict Development
IV. Multi-Sectoral or Other Projects / Programs Not Listed in the Preceding Sections
4.1 Regional Cooperation and Integration
4.2 South-South Cooperation
4.3 Capacity Building
4.4 Gender Mainstreaming
4.5 Environment Management
4.6 Others


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