Project / Program Summary
Agroforestry for Sustainable Rural Development in the Zambezi Basin

I. Basic data

Sector(s): poverty reduction, food security, income generation, environment
Title: Agroforestry for Sustainable Rural Devt, in the Zambezi Basin
Donor country / organization: CIDA
Other donors / organizations involved: GTZ, NORAD, SAREC, DANIDA
Beneficiary countries / regions: Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Implementing agencies in beneficiary countries / regions: ICRAF
Duration: 5 yeara
Starting Date: April 1996
Project / Program budget: $14.8M
Finance / Type of cooperation: Grant

II. Project / program description and objectives:

(1) Dissemination of proven agroforestry technologies to small holder farmers to meet their identified needs: improve soil fertility, improve fallows, increase food security, and conserve soil and increase fuelwood; (2) strengthen national institutions' /organizations' capabilities in agroforestry research, training, and dissemination; (3) raise farmers' awareness of benefits of agroforestry; and (4) develop new technologies to satisfy farmers' needs.

  1. Objectives(see above)
  2. Activities / contents
    (1) active program of agroforestry technology dissemination using local organizations, ministries, and NGOs with more than 4,000 farmers; (2) national organizations strengthening through workshops, field activities, and internships; (3) farmer field days; and (4) new agroforestry research.
  3. Expected outcomes / impacts
    (1) to disseminate proven agroforestry technologies on a significant scale to smallholder farms; (2) enable national agencies to manage agroforestry extension activities; and (3) develop and test new agroforestry technologies.
  4. Features in line with the Agenda for Action
    poverty reduction; agricultural development

III. Contact point:

Chris George, BFO (until 26 Aug. 98) 819-997-1151
Peter Houliston, Director, Mozambique / Regional 819-994-1468
Dr. John Lazier, Project Monitor 905-373-0096


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