TICAD IV Follow-up Mechanism Annual Progress Report 2009
Annual Progress Report 2008  Annual Progress Report DIGEST 2009

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Dispatch of Public-Private Missions

Yokohama Action Plan
[3]Utilize more effectively official funding sources such as investment credit, trade and investment insurance to enhance PPP and leverage private capital flows to Africa.
Proposed Measures by Japan/Implementing Partners
● Enhance Public-Private Partnership to effectively coordinate between official flows and private capitals, to expand good practices of Corporate Social Responsibilities in linking up with official flows
Potential Resources, Possible Contributions
GoJ: Dispatch of Public-Private Missions to African countries
Implementing Partners
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Establish a mechanism enabling ODA to complement private sector’s activities contributing to African development

Current Status of Implementation 2008

12 African countries ( Botswana/Mozambique/Madagascar/South Africa/Kenya/Uganda/Ethiopia/Tanzania/Nigeria/Ghana/Senegal/Cameroon )
Dispatched 3 Joint Missions for promoting trade and investment to 12 African countries from August to September 2008
● [Southern Region] with 69 participants including 21 companies to Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar and South Africa;
● [Eastern Region] with 59 participants including 23 companies to Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania;
● [Central & Western Region] with 51 participants including 18 companies to Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon.
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