Japan-Egypt Summit Meeting (Overview)

September 27, 2012
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    (Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

 On Wednesday, September 26, Mr. Yoshihiko Noda, the Prime Minister of Japan, who was visiting New York, the United States of America, to attend the United Nations General Assembly, held a Japan-Egypt summit meeting with Dr. Mohamed Morsy, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, for approximately 20 minutes from 10:00 am (11:00 pm on September 26 by JST). An overview of the meeting is as follows (Japanese officials also in attendance included Mr. Hiroyuki Nagahama, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Mr. Akihisa Nagashima, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister. Egyptian officials also in attendance included Dr. Essam Haddad, Assistant to the President for External Relations and International Cooperation):


1.Bilateral relations

 (1) Prime Minister Noda expressed his respect for the courage and energy of the Egyptian people who had achieved historic political changes last year and also congratulated the inauguration of Dr. Morsy as President of Egypt through a democratic election. President Morsy appreciated the warm greetings and Japan’s unconditional support following the political changes and stated that he would like to strengthen bilateral relations in every level.
(2) Both leaders welcomed the fact that the traditionally good bilateral relations have been deepened in a multilayered way in various fields such as politics, economy, and science and technology in recent years and shared views on making efforts for further strengthening the relations. Prime Minister Noda requested President Morsy’s visit to Japan at an early date; and in response, President Morsy appreciated the invitation and stated that he values visits to Japan and therefore would like to make his visit to Japan at a mutually convenient date.
(3) Prime Minister Noda stated that the Government of Japan would continue to support Egypt’s efforts for enhancement of the democratization process and efforts for reform to solve the economic and social problems such as unemployment of the youth. Moreover, Prime Minister Noda welcomed the expansion of business relations between the two countries and expressed his expectation toward further preparation of an investment environment in Egypt for the corporate activities by Japanese firms. President Morsy stated that support for transportation networks, including a railway, is important and the support for Cairo underground railways is particularly effective and appreciated to ease heavy traffic inside the city of Cairo. President Morsy also stated that he would like to bring back the number of tourists from Japan to the former level,  and to increase the number of Egyptian students who learn inJapan. Moreover, President Morsy requested a push from the Government of Japan to further increase investment from Japan and also expressed his expectation toward cooperation with Japan in the fields of nuclear and renewable energy.
(4) Prime Minister Noda stated that the Government of Japan is monitoring the large-scale demonstration which occurred in some countries including Egypt with keen interest and also stated that he expected that security would be maintained in Egypt to a maximum extent.

 2.Situations in Syria

Prime Minister Noda stated that he was strongly concerned about worsening humanitarian situations in Syria and its impact on the region and also stated that he had urged the Syrian side that a Syrian-led transition process would be quickly and peacefully carried out. Moreover, while mentioning the importance of the roles of Egypt, which are influential to the region, Prime Minister Noda stated that the Government of Japan would coordinate with the internationalsociety, including Egypt, for the solution of the problems in Syria and for this purpose would continue to strengthen pressure and provide humanitarian support. President Morsy expressed his gratitude for Japan’s support on the issue of Syria and also for Japan’s expectation toward the roles of Egypt.

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