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Disbursement to UNRWA from the FY2023 Supplementary Budget

April 15, 2024
  1. Having announced on April 2 that it would lift the suspension on funding to UNRWA and would provide support while confirming the appropriate use of its funds, Japan has completed the disbursement of the contribution of approximately US$35 million from the FY2023 supplementary budget.
  2. In disbursing the contribution, Japan reaffirmed with UNRWA, in order to ensure the appropriateness of the projects funded by Japan, establishing a "Japan-UNRWA Project Management and Monitoring Mechanism," promotion of the participation of women in leadership positions in UNRWA governance reform and other initiatives, and Japan taking all necessary measures in the event of misuse of funds by Japan.
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going to make effort to ensure transparency and proper use of funds, including managing the progress of projects funded by Japan and monitoring the flow of funds under the "Japan-UNRWA Project Management and Monitoring Mechanism".

(Reference) The projects funded through the FY2023 Supplementary Budget (approximate $35 million)

  1. Gaza: Provision of relief supplies for women and infants
  2. West Bank: Provision of medical services
  3. Syria: Assistance for vulnerable groups, provision of medical services and vocational training
  4. Lebanon: Provision of medical services
  5. Jordan: Assistance for vulnerable groups, assistance for youth

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