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Foreign Minister Kamikawa had a meeting and a dinner with IAEA Director General Grossi

March 14, 2024
Foreign Minister Kamikawa shaking hands with IAEA Director General Grossi
Photo of the meeting
Photo of the press conference

On March 14, commencing at about 7:00 p.m. for approximately 20 minutes, Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, held a bilateral meeting. After that, they had a working dinner for approximately 60 minutes. The overview is as follows.

  1. ALPS Treated Water
    At the outset, Minister Kamikawa, noting that DG Grossi visited Fukushima again and witnessed the discharge of ALPS treated water into the sea, expressed her appreciation for the IAEA's involvement to date from an independent, neutral, and scientific standpoint, and stated that Japan would like to continue the cooperation.
    In response, DG Grossi said that during his visit to Japan, he confirmed that the discharge of ALPS treated water into the sea is being carried out safely and as planned, in full accordance with international standards, and that he had candid exchange of views with local people in Fukushima and young generation who will lead the future.
  2. Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy
    Minister Kamikawa stated that the use of nuclear technology is one of the effective solutions to address various global challenges that the international society is facing, such as climate change, supply of food, and health, and that Japan highly appreciates the IAEA's initiatives in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy which contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. In support of this initiative, Japan made a contribution of approximately 18.5 million euros in total to the IAEA's efforts in the areas including food security and nuclear safety.
    In response, DG Grossi expressed his great appreciation for Japan's support for the IAEA's efforts to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The two sides concurred on bolstering their cooperation in this area.
  3. International and Regional Issues
    Minister Kamikawa stated that amidst the increasingly severe international situation, it is important to maintain and strengthen the NPT/IAEA system from the perspective of achieving a world without nuclear weapons, and maintaining and strengthening a free and open international order based on the rule of law.
    They exchanged views on various matters including nuclear issues in North Korea and Iran, and nuclear safety in Ukraine, and agreed to continue to work closely together.
    The dinner concluded on a cordial ambience with an exchange of views on the Latin American region, which Minister Uekawa had recently visited and where Secretary General Grossi is from.
(Reference) IAEA’s projects which Japan has just decided its contribution to
  1. Support for the use of nuclear technology for food security (Atoms4Food) (about 6.6 million euros)
    This support aims to strengthen food security through the use of nuclear technology for breeding, pest control, and enhancement of food safety.
  2. Marine environmental protection and marine radioactivity monitoring (about 3.6 million euros)
    This support targets Pacific Island countries, etc., and aims to protect the marine environment through the monitoring of contaminants such as plastic litter using isotope analysis, etc., and to build capacity for marine radioactivity monitoring.
  3. Capacity building of the IAEA Isotope Hydrology Laboratory (1 million euro)
    In mind of the effects of climate change such as drought, this support aims to strengthen the capacity of the IAEA's Isotope Hydrology Laboratory to accurately determine the age of groundwater and provide it for sustainable water resources management by the IAEA member states.
  4. Assistance to Ukraine (approximately 7.3 million euros)
    This support is to help safeguards activities at nuclear facilities in Ukraine through the provision of equipment to Ukrainian nuclear facilities and medical assistance to its personnel, assistance using nuclear technology to areas affected by the Kakhovka Dam burst (e.g., examination of drinking water), and provision of related equipment and materials.

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