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The Award Ceremony of the 17th Japan International MANGA Award

March 5, 2024
(Photo) The Award Ceremony of the 17th Japan International MANGA Award
Foreign Minister Kamikawa who makes a speech standing behind the lectern
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On March 5, the 17th Japan International MANGA Award Ceremony was held at the Iikura Guest House, with Minister for Foreign Affairs KAMIKAWA Yoko, chairperson of the Japan International MANGA Award Executive Committee, attending.

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan launched the Japan International MANGA Award in 2007 to honor manga artists, who have contributed to the promotion of manga overseas and to promote international cultural exchange through manga. Out of a record 587 entries from 82 countries and regions, both numbers being the highest, 15 works were selected this year, including one Gold Award winner (Taiwan) and three Silver Award winners (Hong Kong, Viet Nam, and Spain). 
  2. At the ceremony, Minister Kamikawa presented certificates of commendation to the creators of the Gold Award and Silver Award winning works, who were invited to Japan by The Japan Foundation, and Ms. SATONAKA Machiko, chairperson of the selection committee, presented trophies to each of them.
    In her remarks, Minister Kamikawa congratulated and gave a big cheer to each of the winners and stated that Japan has a responsibility to continue to promote the appeal of manga and to protect and develop its outstanding cultural value, and that she looks forward to the award-winning works playing a new role in connecting hearts and minds of people around the world, transcending borders, languages, and ethnicities. Ms. Satonaka, in her general comments, expressed her hope that the winners’ works are widely read and their efforts will continue to be rewarded in the future.
  3. The Gold Award winner, Mr. CHIEN Jason from Taiwan, stated that even though we speak different languages and come from different cultures, we are all human beings after all and we are able to understand each other emotionally. Mr. Chien also described his determination to continue to work hard on his drawings and stories to live up to this award. The Silver Award winners, Ms. Bonnie Pang from Hong Kong, Ms. Nachi from Vietnam, and Ms. Ana Oncina from Spain, spoke of their joy in receiving the award. There were also words of condolences to the victims of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake and wishes for a speedy recovery.
  4. The ceremony was attended by members of the Japan International MANGA Award Executive Committee and the selection committee, as well as Members of the Diet, manga artists, editors including the Association of Comic Publishers which helped with the first screening.
(Reference1) Japan International MANGA Award

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs founded the Japan International MANGA Award in 2007 for the purpose of expanding international exchange and mutual understanding through world-famous manga culture.
This award aims to honor manga artists who contribute to the development of manga culture in the world.
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(Reference2) Application

There were 587 entries from 82 countries and regions this year, which was record-high number of entries. Countries and regions with most entries are China (1st: 83 entries), Taiwan (2nd: 69 entries), and the United States (3rd: 39 entries).

(Reference3) Members of the Selection Committee of the Award
  • Ms. SATONAKA Machiko, manga artist (Chairperson)
  • Ms. IPPONGI Ban, manga artist
  • Mr. OSHIMA Makoto, former editor in chief
  • Mr. KISHIMOTO Kenji, former editor in chief
  • Mr. MORIKAWA George, manga artist
(Reference4) Members of the Executive Committee of the Award
  • Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs (Chairperson)
  • Mr. UMEMOTO Kazuyoshi, President, Japan Foundation
  • Ms. SHIRAISHI Saya, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University
  • Mr. SUGIYAMA Kotaro, President, LIGHTPUBLICITY Co. Ltd.
  • Mr. Frederik L. SCHODT, translator, interpreter and writer
  • Mr. MARUSAWA Shigeru, Executive Managing Director, SHOGAKUKAN INC.

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